Monday, July 9, 2012

An apple pie that read my mind

Last night I went out to dinner with the new guy from the Academy who just got here for his internship.  I know I said I wanted to go somewhere that I hadn't gone before but I think he secretly knew I wanted Greek food.  Maybe because I gushed about how good the Greek restaurant downtown is... but whatever, I have no shame and I really wanted to try their steak sandwich!  It was perfect and really hit the spot after my run.  I didn't take a picture though because I don't really know this guy very well yet and whipping out my camera to photograph every meal might weird him out, ya know?

After dinner we had to go to Safeway so he could pick up groceries so while he was doing that I wandered around and took pictures of these adorable mini cakes:

I can't decide which one is my favorite because I love them all, especially the toy story ones, but since I like chocolate so much better than any other cake flavor I would pick the flower one.

My friend told me that back home they have strawberry cherries at Costco.  I have NO idea what these could possibly taste like since I can't imagine cherry and strawberry together for some reason - has anyone tried these and can you describe them to me??

I just loved this pie box because it says "We know you want the pie..."  How did they know that??!  I didn't get it though because if I bought an apple pie I would probably just eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until it was gone and even for me, that's just too much pie.

Fast forward to this morning where I slept in past my alarm and did not go running.  I think I'm making up for  almost a year of sleep deprivation because lately I've been needing at least 8 hours of sleep before I can drag myself out of bed.  So instead of running, I did some weights and went to my first spin class ever!  It was fun, but I'm still not a huge fan of biking. At least with spin I'm suffering with other people, and there's music, and there's someone telling me to do intervals.  Tomorrow's plan is a morning run and spin again in the evening.

Dinner was the biggest piece of pizza I've ever seen!  Seriously, the west coast does pizza differently - bigger slices, WAY thicker crust, and not as much cheese - pretty much the perfect pizza if you ask me, although New York style will always have a special place in my heart.  Once again I didn't take a picture because I don't want this kid to think I'm tooo strange.  However he did agree that we need to get donuts at some point so at least we're on the same wavelength there!

Time to get my laundry and go to bed so I can actually wake up to run - Happy Monday!

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  1. OMG those cakes are adorable!! All of em look good :)