Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dreadmill progress and 7 minutes in heaven... with a burger

We all have those mornings.  The ones where we just DON'T want to get up.
Well I had one of those again, but instead of ditching my run, I went to the gym at work and got in 40 minutes on the treadmill.

Just like Kate and probably others out there, I HATE treadmills.  But I knew if I didn't run then I wasn't going to get one in today so I sucked it up and was a (wo)man about it.  I'm glad I did because I did 40 minutes increasing the pace the whole time and didn't stop at all which is huge considering that's the longest I've run without stopping since probably finals week!  I can't say enough how much getting back into shape sucks, but my run today reminded me that if I keep working hard I will make progress every day and will be back to normal in no time.

A few hours later a group of us from work headed to In N' Out to watch two guys have an eating contest - 2 4x4's (4 patties, 4 slices of cheese), fries, and a shake:

The guy who won (not the guy I took a picture of holding the food) won in 8:37 and had been eating donut holes all morning.... the poor other guy had been fasting since yesterday at lunch.

The aftermath...

While NOT watching them eat (so I could fully enjoy my lunch) I had my first In N' Out experience and people, it was good.  The burger was great - lots of lettuce, tomato, and grilled onion; the special sauce was awesome, and the bun was pretty much perfect.  The fries were about average - Five Guys' cajun fries are way better in my book.  The shake was also awesome and so thick I could hardly drink it with a straw!  I only ate less than half of the fries and maybe a little more than half of the shake after the burger so I have no idea how the boys ate 8 times as much burger as me AND ate the fries AND the shake.... It's impressive.

This induced a food coma that lasted until approximately 4PM

Since I liked spin so much on Monday I went again yesterday, only this time it was a lot harder.  A different guy was teaching and his class was longer and he was really pushing us - but I liked it.  Then it hit me why I was so proud of my run this morning: not because it was good, but because even though I really wanted to quit, I not only kept going but kept ramping up the speed.  I'm the type of person who will do anything a trainer or coach asks when it comes to a workout, especially if I'm in a group, and even if I'm sore and shaking and about to pass out or maybe die.  That's just what motivates me.  The fact that I was able to push myself by myself, on a treadmill no less, and when I'm not even in good shape and running isn't even all that fun, is a success in my book, and gives me a way to look at my (comparatively) slow run from a positive angle :)

practicing my "ohmygodi'mgoingtotheolympicsohmygod" face... haha
I think Galen has me beat though.

Do you push yourself harder when you're on your own, in a group environment, or when you have a trainer or training partner pushing you?


  1. aah I’ve never been to In n OUt! well I guess I’ve never been further west than ohio so it only makes sense, but...it’s on my bucket list. Just reading about that eating contest makes me sick hahaha. NICE run and spin though, it’s SO hard to push yourself on the treadmill (cuz it’s hard even when you’re not pushing the pace haha!), so major props. I don’t train with a group but having someone like a coach to report back to is HUGE motivation for me as well. I always want to make them proud/impressed! Right now I’m totally channelling that into physical therapy. I’m like determined to master all the exercises and so I’ll go to the gym and do them every day even when I really would rather sit on my ass and read a book hahaa.

    1. I think a coach would really motivate me too, for the same reasons. That's why I used to go to the RW forums - I felt like posting awesome workouts was impressive and encouraged me to work harder. But this spring when I kind of took a break from running I stopped posting because I was like ok seriously, who am I trying to impress?? lol. Now I'm trying to use this blog to stay on track and be motivated by all the other amazing bloggers out there! :)

  2. Great job on the run! I think the treadmill is great (albeit hella boring) because I ramp up the incline and the speed and just force myself to do it. I always have the beeest speed workouts on the tread. Eating contests really freak me out, but I'm glad you enjoyed your In N Out experience! My friends looove it. I can do good inside workouts on my own, but I always kick my ass when I'm working out with my rugby team! We're all so competitive with each other, we race doing drills. But we also support each other. It's the best. :)

    1. I'm totally the same way with teams! In lacrosse I HAD to be the fastest at suicides, fastest up and down the field, etc. and now at sailing workouts I do the same thing, people probably get really made at me trying to race them... haha :)