Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flexin' on dem haters

OK so today and yesterday's workout recaps:

Yesterday - 30 minutes of punishing my arms and abs with weights, then 30 minutes on the spin bike.  I was going to run but was kind of nauseous and not really feeling it.  Probably shouldn't have eaten cupcakes so close to working out... see below.  I'm surprised that with how dead I felt while lifting that I'm not sore today!  By the end my arms were like jello and my abs were goo.

goin' hard in the... bathroom?

Today - 30 minute treadmill run, increasing speed .2 mph every 5 minutes; 60 min spin class w/ push ups and abs at the end.  I was the only person there... so she made the class harder :)  by the time we finished push ups I kind of wanted to cry.  But I didn't because that would be weaksauce.

And now for what you really want to see...

This place near the lab I'm working at has cupcake happy hour every Wednesday from 3-5pm so I left to pick some up.  I couldn't decide on what flavors to get so I just got every one that looked good.  From top - orange dreamsicle, carrot cake, peanut butter chocolate, triple chocolate, and red velvet.  Drool.  So far I've tried all of them and my favorite is the triple chocolate.  The orange one was WAY too sweet unfortunately, and the red velvet one was for a friend, otherwise I'm sure that would have been my favorite!

If they look a little melty, it's because they are - it was 108 when I picked them up!  Today it was only like 95 though and it's supposed to be back to the 80's and then the 70's by next week - good for me, because I can enjoy some great Cali running weather before heading back to the east coast next weekend and having to deal with sticky summer nastiness.  Blechhhh.

 But girl cannot live on cupcakes alone (well she could, but I would probably end up in a permanent sugar coma) so I've been tryingeating pretty clean on the side.  I went to the farmers market today to stock up on my beloved berries and nectarines so I can continue having awesome breakfasts like this one:

No picture but for lunch today I had an awesome sandwich on german wheat (from the farmer's market) with avocado, pepper jack, green peppers, lettuce, and red onions.  Soooo tasty that I'm making another one tomorrow, and I'll make sure to take a picture!

So I mentioned above that I'm headed back to the east coast after next week.  The way my summer works is that it's all separated out into blocks, with usually one block for "leave," or vacation, and two "training" blocks.  I had leave first, the internship I'm doing now counts as my professional training, and my next summer training block counts as my military training.  I was slated to spend my military training on a submarine (which was really exciting to me because I am hoping to become a submarine officer), but I found out this week that I got changed to a surface ship, and that I'll be on the east coast.  I won't say where or on what ship, but let's just say it's not the best place to be in August.  Yeah, it's disappointing, but I guess this is good for preparing me for the future, where I may have very little choice of where (or when) I'll be transferred or stationed.  The bright side is that some of my Academy friends will be on the ship too, and I'll be really close to the beach!  

Favorite cupcake flavor? 

Hottest weather you've ever experienced?

I think the 108 yesterday is the hottest I've ever been in - but it was dry, so it didn't match the 115 heat index we had last summer.  

Happy almost-weekend everyone!


  1. Hey! I stumbled upon your blog via SkinnyRunner. I just started mine last month so we both be newbies. Those cupcakes look freaking amazing! Awesome workouts btw. :)

  2. NICEE workouts! I bet a private spin class would definitely be killer - way to beast it. Nice guns too BTW :-D and oooh cupcakes! I’ve never had a specialty cupcake like that before, and I think next time I get my butt to DC/NoVA, Georgetown cupcakes will be on my to do list....

    1. If you end up at Georgetown cupcakes I highly recommend the mint chocolate one!! And if the line is too long, baked & wired is down the street and is also really good :)

  3. Yummm those cupcakes look delish :)

    Love spinning, its so much fun!

  4. cupcakes and burgers?! I like your blog!

  5. Okay soo I have never had a specialty cupcake like that, looks so good though and something I need to try! Spinning classes are great, well not during haha, they kick my butt, but then I feel accomplished after :)