Friday, July 20, 2012

The Last Supper (Cali Style)

Today is my last day in California.

But rather than be sad about it I wanted to have a great last day!
Last night we saw The Dark Knight Rises at midnight after the gym (30 min run, 20 min bike, 10 min weights in case you were wondering) and IHOP (whole wheat pancakes w/ bananas in case you were wondering).  Even with coffee I was struggling through the movie but it was pretty exciting and awesome so I managed to stay awake.  Of all the movies I have seen this summer though, 21 Jump Street is still my favorite, probably because of this:

Well not so much this moment but more like Channing Tatum in general.

This morning we were supposed to go windsurfing at 11 but found out the place didn't open until 1 - which was fine because both me and Alex were super tired from being up until 3 last night!
It turned out to be pretty breezy and it was great sailing.  Alex and I both got to practice everything we learned from last weekend and got a chance to actually go fast since there was some wind.  We both also figured out how to gybe!  I wished I had managed some pictures of us actually windsurfing but there was no way I was risking my phone near the water so instead I just took some pictures of the beach so you can get an idea of how awesome and absolutely perfect the weather was today.

Wind around 10-15 mph... sunny... 75 degrees... warm water... need I say more??

These sails may look small but before you know it we'll be moving up in the world and doing tricks like these guys...

After windsurfing I was super hungry since I ate breakfast at like 10 and it was now 3PM and I need constant feeding.  Because of this I was slightly really hangry (hungry + angry) and may have been a little grumpy towards Alex.  

He is pretty much the nicest guy ever though so he accepted my apologies and once I ate my peanut butter sandwich my manners returned to those of a normal person.  Also I know this picture is everywhere but that's because it's just so accurate, I couldn't help it.

The other Academy people were going rock climbing so I went with them.  I was pretty tired from windsurfing but I got my second wind climbing and had a blast!  It's such a great workout.  Even on a short climb, if it's tough I get to the top and realize that I'm dripping sweat.  Eww.  But also cool because I didn't even realize how hard I was working because I was having too much fun!  There's a rock wall at school, but that gym was closed for renovations all year.  Now it's done though - maybe if I have time I'll go over there sometime?  Well, let's be real, once it's the school year I'm so busy that I'm always running around like a chicken with its head cut off, so that probably won't happen, but a girl can dream.

One rant though.  So before we could climb we had to get checked by one of the employees to make sure we were OK to belay each other.  One of the guys, while we were working on belaying and getting tips from one of the gym employees, kept flirting with her the whole time, was never pulling out the slack in my line, kept messing up, and was just in general wasting everyone's time AND seriously endangering the person on the wall.  Seriously can you just get over yourself and focus on something OTHER than flirting with anything that is female?  I paid $18 to climb and you are wasting my money and everyone's time and it's gross how you think any girl thinks your sleazy tactics are in ANY way attractive.  End rant.

Now for reasons mentioned above I don't always get along with the other guys here besides Alex for various reasons, but today I can absolve all of their faults because they took me to In-N-Out after climbing.  What better last supper for my last night in Cali other than a perfect burger and shake?  

I made the mistake of drinking most of my shake on the car ride back to my room so I could hardly finish my burger and never finished the shake... yet an hour later I was able to stuff my face with blueberries?  Sometimes I just don't understand.

My plan for tomorrow is to get up really early and run as my last hoorah in Cali and then leave for my flight to Baltimore.  Sigh.  It's been an interesting four weeks to say the least and I'm not too happy to go back to the east coast, but at least I'll get to see some friends from school and maybe even go sailing on Sunday!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Got any fun weekend plans?

Have you ever been rock climbing?


  1. of COURSE you have to go to In N Out for your last supper! That place is seriously on my bucket list hahaha. I absolutely love rock climbing, you’re right it IS a pretty crazy workout. My sister is really good at it and she does it like four times a week - I need to go with her soon! And oh yes, being hangry is totally a thing.....I’m like that too lol

  2. I totally get hangry, too! If I'm going to be out doing something for long periods of time I usually bring a Clif bar or something just in case.

    I'm glad that you generally had a good time rock climbing. I've only been once but it was a lot of fun. It's definitely something that I would consider doing again.

  3. Sounds like a great day! I love the ocean and wish I lived close enough to see it everyday.