Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bread gators, windsurfing, trail running, and YOLO

First things first, workout update:

Friday - both me and Alex (other Academy student here for internship) were totally dead but we went to the gym anyway.  I thought about just going to the gym and lying on the mats and doing sun salutations (aka napping) but I nutted up and did some spin intervals instead.  It made me feel much more energized and I'm glad I did!
Saturday - quick 30 minute run and then my weekend started...

I went to my first ever windsurfing lesson!  I've been sailing and teaching sailing for years, and my brother and I tried to teach ourselves how to windsurf because we thought it would be pretty similar - wrong.  We sucked at it.  But with a good lesson, I got up and sailing on my very first try and only fell once!  Moral of the story is don't try and think you can teach yourself to windsurf.  You can't.  The whole process is counter intuitive even for a lifelong sailor like me, but with a lesson, it was really pretty easy and a ton of fun!  I wish I had taken pictures buttttt on the other hand I probably looked pretty ridiculous so maybe not.

What I think I look like:

What I actually look like:

After this it was only 1:30 so we went to a local shopping center on the windsurfing instructor's recommendation that had awesome food trucks.  I got a pork quesadilla (didn't take pictures because eating is way more important) and Alex had a burrito that he ate in less than a minute.  Or at least really fast.  At least I snapped a picture of the truck - they were all so pretty!

We sat through an hour of hideous traffic but in the end we did get to downtown San Francisco!  We wandered from Ghirardelli Square down to Pier 35 back, and along the way stopped in Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39.  Basically we went to all the touristy places.  Normally I try not to be touristy but it was my last chance to go into the city and I have no shame.  YOLO (more on that later).

Of course we had to go to Boudin bakery to get some sourdough. Girl's gotta get her carbs somehow amiright?  They had such cute bread shapes and even had bread in baskets going around the ceiling!

When I am rich and famous I'm installing a bread conveyor belt in my house just like this one so I can have bread delivered to me whenever I want.

We also went to an awesome chocolate store (NOT Ghirardelli, pretty much all they had was just stuff I could buy in the grocery store... no thanks) and I got a hunk of fantastic dark chocolate.  Our number one impulse purchase was mini donuts but OH MY GOD were they worth it!  They were made right in front of us and covered in cinnamon sugar and I just about died and went to heaven when I tried one!  No picture because they were devoured in about 25.6 seconds... not that we timed it or anything...

Our second-to-last stop was Lombard St. - only we walked up the wrong side of it and ended up at the top of the windy part instead of the bottom.  I think walking up this hill can count as my workout for, like, the month.  The hill was RIDICULOUSLY steep.  Like probably vertical.  OK I am exaggerating, but if you can walk all the way to the top and your legs don't feel like they're about to explode then you're my hero.

Ok so I did tilt my phone a little bit to exaggerate the angle but not really... it was steep.

I would love to live on this street!  Naaaaahhhhttt although the houses were gorgeous.

Only in San Francisco...

We took the long way back to the valley and went over the Golden Gate and the Richmond bridge.  There was a big fog over the peninsula so everything looked really eerie.

I made Alex stop for this... yeeeeah buddy!

When we got back to the hotel I immediately got to work laid on my bed and ate sourdough bread dipped in peanut butter while watching probably the worst Will Farrell movie I've ever seen and then PTFO.

SUNDAY I woke up early-ish to eat some breakfast of (you guessed it) bread dipped in peanut butter and some berries before driving to my hiking destination.  I did sort of a hike/trail run combo where I walked up the steep uphills and tried to run the flats and downhills - which was about 55:00 according to my watch..  It ended up being about 9 miles total, took me a little over 2 hours, and had about 1500 ft of elevation gain.  The views were spectacular and I got super dusty and dirty and it was overall just an awesome time!

Not my picture but this is the park I was at - gorgeous!

Later Alex wants to go to the gym so I'll probably go and do arms and abs or something. Until then I'll be alternating between crying because I have to leave Cali on Saturday or doing my laundry... one or the other.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Do you like trail running or road running better?
I definitely like trail running better because I get to be surrounded by nature!  And because it's not as monotonous.


  1. Omg that poor dog. Your trail run/hike sounds amazing!! I love trail running, but only if there's a long enough trail. I hate running back and forth on short trails.

    1. Me too, I really don't like re-running trails I've already been on. I liked this park because it was out and back but there were lots of loops so I didn't have to go back the way I came!

  2. Nice run! Looks like a beautiful place, too! I'm jealous; it's waaay better than what I look at on my daily runs. :)

    1. Thanks! It was really gorgeous. It had an awesome view of the valley and some great climbs!

  3. GAH i need to get my ass to cali ASAP!!! if I were wandering around san fran I’d probably take obnoxious touristy pictures too, no shame. I hope you got the gator-shaped bread! I really need to figure out how to make bread like that lol, so epic. And windsurfing! I agree on that, I tried to teach myself how to surf, and even that I needed a lesson before I could even get up on the board. I can’t imagine having a sail involved too haha, but it looks like you guys had a blast! And oooh trail run/hike....I’m a hiking junkie, that looks like paradise!!

    1. I wish I had gotten the gator-shaped bread... but alas, I was worried I wouldn't have been able to eat it fast enough. And it cost a lot more than a regular loaf and I am super cheap!